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Oregon Student Child Care Grant

What's New?

The 2015-16 application is closed and all awardees have been notified. The 2016-17 application will open mid-January, 2016.

Preferences in Awarding:

  • Preference #1: Prior year recipients who complete a new application, maintain a child care provider registered with the Oregon Department of Human Services or registered/certified with the Child Care Division of the Oregon Department of Employment, and submit copies of transcripts and proof of child care expenses during the application review process.
  • Preference #2: New applicants who demonstrate financial need and are closest to completing their academic goals. Child care provider is registered with the Oregon Department of Human Services or registered/certified with the Child Care Division of the Oregon Department of Employment. Copies of transcripts and proof of child care expenses will be required during the application review process if application is determined eligible.


The Oregon Student Child Care Grant Program was established to assist parents enrolled in post-secondary education obtain safe, dependable care that supports their children’s development while allowing completion of the parent’s academic programs.


To receive financial aid from this program an applicant must:

  • Be an Oregon resident with a child or legal dependent age 12 and under in need of child care, or, if over age 12, who satisfies the requirements of special needs;
  • Be a citizen or eligible non-citizen of the United States;
  • Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as an undergraduate at an Oregon postsecondary institution (Oregon postsecondary institutions include Oregon community colleges, public universities, and private universities.  There are some for-profit postsecondary institutions which have campuses in Oregon but are owned by corporations based outside of Oregon.  Enrollment at those non-Oregon based institutions disqualifies applicants from receiving the Oregon Student Child Care Grant);
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress; and
  • Not be in default on any federal Title IV loan or owing a refund on federal Title IV funds previously disbursed.

Priority in Awarding:

Among applicants who meet the eligibility criteria of this program, priority in the selection process shall be given in the following rank order:

  1. A prior recipient of benefits of the Student Child Care Grant who maintains satisfactory academic progress as defined by this program, who has continuing financial need, continues use of a provider who meets registration requirements, and who has not exhausted maximum award eligibility.
  2. New applicants will be awarded based on the following criteria:
    1. Financial need.
    2. Students’ credits earned toward a Certificate, Associates Degree, or first Bachelor’s Degree.
    3. Use of childcare providers who are listed with the Oregon Department of Human Services, or, registered or certified with the Oregon Child Care Division.
    4. Students enrolled full-time.
    5. Students enrolled half-time if awarded, you must enroll with sufficient hours to earn 36 credit hours (24 at semester schools) per academic year.

Application Process:

  • The Child Care Grant application process for the 2015-16 academic year is now closed. The application for the 2016-17 academic year will open mid-January, 2016.


Grant payments for student child care for eligible recipients will be disbursed on a term/semester basis provided the student maintains satisfactory academic progress and continues to have a child who qualifies under the rules of the program. Disbursement is made directly to the post-secondary institution, not to the recipient or their childcare provider.  It is the student’s responsibility to pay their child care provider.

Maximum Term of Award:

  • Students in an academic program must be enrolled at least half-time and are required to complete at least 36-quarter hours for credit, or the equivalent in semester hours, on a yearly basis. Summer semester/quarter is not counted toward the credit hour requirement as this grant is not disbursed during the summer.
  • Participation in the award is limited to a total of six years.

Renewal of Award:

Awards made under this program are renewable provided that:

  • The awardee continues to be enrolled in an approved program at an eligible institution;
  • The awardee is making satisfactory academic progress, as defined by the institution;
  • The awardee completes at least 36-quarter or 24-semester hours for credit during the nine month period of fall/winter/spring quarters/semesters;
  • The awardee arranges for the Commission to receive a transcript of the academic work completed in the prior year of award; and
  • Each awardee’s child used to determine eligibility must continue to qualify under the rules of the program.
  • The awardee's child care provider remains registered with the Oregon Department of Human Services or registered/certified with the Child Care Division of the Oregon Department of Employment.

Administrative Rule:

You may refer to the Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) for the Oregon Student Child Care Grant Program, number 575-095, at the following link: