Financial Literacy

ASPIRE Coordinators often wear many hats. We want to offer some great resources for those coordinators who find themselves supporting financial literacy (whether in a Future Ready or  AVID classroom, in site seminars, or for events you plan to offer, etc.).


If you have not heard heard, Oregon’s Senate Bill 3 passed July 2023 (see bold print for changes) and now requires two additional high school courses to graduate.  These additional courses require that high schools provide guidance on financial literacy and future career/college planning. While teachers will develop curriculum in these areas, we believe ASPIRE coordinators can assist the important work ahead by offering ASPIRE and partner resources to help prepare students for their future.

Whether students further their education in college or trade school, join the workforce, or choose a military path, the financial choices they make now (or in the near future) will affect the rest of their lives.  

Enjoy the vetted list of financial literacy/wellness resources and please pass them along to counselors and teachers that support this important work!



Financial Smarts for Students

Jump$tart Coalition is a coalition of diverse financial education stakeholders. These organizations work together to educate and prepare our nation’s youth for life-long financial success.

  • Reality Check Reality Check is a tool, an exercise. The results are intended as a learning experience for students. Reality Check results will paint a pretty realistic financial picture (as long as students are use realistic projections within the budget they build).  Keep in mind that the dollar amounts used for both income and expenses are based on national averages and therefore are not intended as an individual financial planning tool. Sources include data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and are updated annually. Learn More. 
  • Jump$tart Clearinghouse An online financial literacy resource that houses the nation’s premier searchable database of curated financial education resources from hundreds of reputable providers. Learn More.

Next Gen Personal Finance

Next Gen Personal Finance

Next Gen Personal Finance provides extensive free resources to financial literacy tools and curriculum (lessons and resources) for high school and middle school educators. Educators also have access to virtual professional development modules. Next Gen Personal Finance is one of the leading providers of financial education curriculum in the nation. Learn more.

MillionStories Media

MillionStories Media

Get Ready for Life: Lifestyle – Money – Growth – Career

MillionStories Media is a free digital media YouTube Channel from the Singleton Foundation which encourages financial literacy and entrepreneurship education for Gen Z and Millennials. The platform uses short, creative videos to take the fear, boredom, and discomfort out of learning how to be financially competent and is great to use with students to inform and engage in career and college planning conversations. Learn more. 

Some of ASPIRE’s picks for their Top MillionStories YouTube Playlists:

  • Your World on MoneyOverwhelmed and anxious about money? Not anymore. Master money basics from budgeting, to investing to retirement.
  • Blue Collar White Collar No CollarFrom robotic automation to AI the tech revolution is reshaping the workforce as we know it. This is how workers across all sectors are adapting.
  • Your Brain on Money - Money makes us do things we wish we didn’t, but why is that? Behavioral economists and neuroscientists decode psychological dynamics resulting from 25 million years of human evolution. 
  • Adulting- Geared toward Millennials, but Gen Z can still learn a few things. NFL football superstar Richard Sherman breaks down the money playbook. He’ll teach you the right financial moves to secure your future.
  • George Goes Everywhere: Traveling on a Budget - With $100 in his pocket, George shares travel hacks and must-see destinations across the U.S. that won’t break the bank. Learn to explore and spend less.