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What is ASPIRE?

ASPIRE is Oregon’s statewide career and college readiness program that offers education, resources, and mentoring to students.

ASPIRE sites are located across the State of Oregon in high schools, middle schools, and community-based organization. Each ASPIRE site offers support to students to reach their career and college goals. Elements of the program include:

  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Career and College Exploration
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Support
  • Educational Career and College Event and Information

ASPIRE sites develop their programs based on the needs and current goals of the students they serve. We encourage students to connect with your local ASPIRE Coordinator to receive assistance with your career and college goals.

If your school/community does not yet have an ASPIRE program, encourage local leaders to reach out to establish a local ASPIRE program. Training, coaching, resources and even funding is available to establish new programs throughout the state.

How will ASPIRE help me?

Whether you want to be a painter or a doctor, a cosmetologist or a lawyer, a truck driver or a web designer, you will most likely need more education to reach your career goals. The ASPIRE program trains volunteer mentors from your community and site staff to help you think about your career goals and access the education and training you need to make those goals a reality.

How will ASPIRE help me?
How do I work with a mentor?

Helpful tips and resources

Preparing for your future takes a little bit of work, luckily ASPIRE is here to help. ASPIRE has grade-level checklists to help you stay on track of important deadlines and tasks. In addition to our checklists we have a list of helpful tips and tricks to make sure that your future plans don't get derailed.

Do you have career and college planning checklists?
What are some other helpful tips?

Want to learn more about ASPIRE?

Curious to know more about ASPIRE? Watch these videos to learn more about how ASPIRE can help support your college and career goals.