College Costs

You should be aware of how much you are going to need to spend for college. Before you make your final decision regarding higher education, you should consider all of your options and calculate how much you have to spend.

Factors used when calculating your total cost:

  • Tuition and Fees
    The cost for instruction and lab costs, resources, such as the library, student activities, and the health center. Typically, schools will price their courses by the credit. Most classes in a degree program are three credits each.
  • Room and Board
    The cost of dorms, apartments, or houses for you to live in, and the cost of food, usually a meal plan offered by the school.
  • Books and Supplies
    The cost of books, pens, and notebooks. For example, students in the health sciences can expect to pay for medical equipment while graphic design students will need specialty art supplies.
  • Personal & Transportation
    The cost of your personal items, such as furniture, a computer, etc, and the cost of your travel during school, as well as when you return home during the holidays.

College might seem completely unaffordable for you. Even though college can be very expensive, there are many resources available to you. Check out some financial aid information to see what kind of help you can get.

Estimated Average 2017-18 Standard Student Budgets for Oregon Postsecondary Institutions(PDF)

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