Oregon Youth Conservation Corps (OYCC)

The Oregon Youth Conservation Corps builds on the strong connections between positive work experiences, work skills, personal responsibility, and its commitment to education and future employment for youth. For more information on the Corps, visit their website www.oyccweb.com

I just received my letter from OSAC, now what happens?

  • Read this notice thoroughly.
  • Keep your voucher until you are ready to pay for your educational expenses.
  • When you're ready, take your voucher to the business office or cashier's window at your school.
  • Sign and date the voucher and turn it over to the cashier.
  • The school will complete the bottom portion and return the voucher and bill OSAC for your expenses.
  • Your voucher amount will be sent to the school and applied to your student account.
  • If any funds remain left over after your school expenses are paid, the school will issue the balance to you for remaining expenses such as transportation, room and board, and books.

What will my OYCC funds pay for?

  • The funds must be used for educational expenses, including tuition and fees, room and board, books, transportation, and educationally related personal costs.
  • Fees (testing, student body, lab, certification, processing, etc.).

What am I required to do?

  • You must be enrolled at least half-time (a minimum of 6 credit hours).
  • You must keep track of your voucher until you are ready to use it.

Where can I use my voucher?

OYCC funds must be used for postsecondary education (beyond high school credit). You may use your payment voucher at any two or four-year college or university or at an accredited trade school. College credit classes are required. Non-credit classes, community education, or continuing education classes are not covered.

Do not make or keep duplicate copies of your voucher.

Anytime you need a new, original voucher, contact OSAC.