Scholarships Awarded to Date

Scholarship awardees have been named for the programs listed below.

E-mail notification is followed by the mailing of a paper award letter to scholarship awardees using the address we have on file. OSAC notifies the applicant usually within a week of the "Awarded Date" listed below. OSAC cannot respond to individual requests about who was awarded scholarships. More information on awarding.

Note that some awards are made by multiple high schools (e.g., fund code 950 for the Carl and Dorothy E. Crow Portland Public Schools scholarship), or the awards are made on an ongoing basis (e.g., fund code 0 for the Chafee Education and Training Grant). The award date listed for that scholarship is the first date an award is made (not all schools or students may be awarded at the same time).

Awards for The Ford Family Foundation Scholarship Programs and most programs for graduating high school seniors will be named by June 1. Most scholarship programs for college students are named during the month of June.

Important: If your personal contact info, major, or college of choice changes, please contact us immediately. Your eligibility for a particular scholarship may be affected by changes in college.