About the Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC)

The Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) is committed to assisting Oregonians in their pursuit of higher education and a brighter future. Established in 1959 by the Oregon Legislature, OSAC provides innovative funding and programs to Oregon students and families.

OSAC is an office of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC). The HECC is dedicated to fostering and sustaining the best, most rewarding pathways to opportunity and success for all Oregonians through an accessible, affordable and coordinated network for educational achievement beyond high school.

OSAC administers scholarships, grant programs, the ASPIRE mentoring program, the FAFSA Plus+ program, outreach services, and statewide publications. Each year, OSAC awards grants and scholarships of more than $118 million to thousands of Oregon students in their quest to achieve their education and career goals. Prominent grant programs include the Oregon Opportunity Grant, the Oregon Promise Grant, the Chafee Education and Training Grant, and the Oregon Student Child Care Grant.


To expand opportunities for Oregonians to complete their higher education and career training goals through information, mentoring, and financial aid.


Every Oregonian is able to achieve success through education and career training.


  • Responsible Risk Taking
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Partnership
  • Stewardship
  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Responsiveness