Contribute to Oregon Scholarship Funds

You can contribute to any one of the 600+ OSAC-administered scholarship funds. OSAC staff can assist you with choosing an appropriate fund that might dovetail with your interests. Contact Donor Relations for more information.

Gifts to OSAC scholarship funds are generally tax deductible as charitable contributions. The federal identification number of OSAC is: 37-1737848

Contribution Options

  1. Make a contribution online  
  2. Write a check payable to: 
    Higher Education Coordinating Commission/OSAC
    3225 25th Street SE
    Salem OR 97302

On the check memo line, write the name of the scholarship program that is to receive your contribution, or write, "As needed." You will receive a receipt letter.

HECC Refund Policy:

All contributions are non-refundable.

HECC Fulfillment Policy:

Funds contributed are irrevocable and deposited with the State Treasurer who will transfer them to the Scholarship Fund as specified by the contributor.

HECC Merchant Card Policy:

HECC staff is not authorized to enter debit or credit card information into the system. Contributors must originate all financial transactions related to their contributions.  HECC’s system does not store or keep any financial information entered into the system.