OSAC Salutes Scholarship Donors

Through the generous support of private individuals, foundations, employers, membership organizations, nonprofit organizations, and banking institutions, Oregon students benefit from the millions of dollars dedicated to scholarship awards. OSAC salutes the charitable spirit of these generous donors and acknowledge their support and scholarship programs below. For complete scholarship descriptions, visit the online scholarship catalog. Go to the Sort Filter and select the scholarship program by name.

The Office of Student Access and Completion thanks all these donors for their generosity and commitment to helping Oregon students achieve their educational goals. OSAC wants to especially acknowledge the following partners:

The Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) is a statewide nonprofit organization that administers permanent charitable funds established through gifts and bequests from individuals, families, businesses, and other organizations.

Ford Family Foundation is a private nonprofit foundation based in Roseburg, Oregon, that manages initiatives and make grants to public charities in small and mid-size communities in rural Oregon and Siskiyou County, California.

OSAC also works with the charitable giving departments of US Bank (USB) , Wells Fargo Bank (WFB) , and Bank of America (BofA).

AAUW Charles & Helen Weil Memorial (Bend Branch) OCF
AFSCME (American Federation of State, County, & Municipal Employees) Oregon Council #75 Donor
AFSCME Local 2067 (Salem) Donor
Ahmed: Sehar Saleha Ahmed and Abrahim Ekramullah Zafur Foundation Donor
Albina Fuel Company OCF
Allcott/Hunt Share It Now II, Honoring Emory S. & Elizabeth Burkett Hunt OCF
Alpha Delta Kappa (Oregon) OCF
American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon (ACEC) OSAC
Amity Scholars OCF
Anderson: William Brent Anderson Memorial OCF
Arbuckle: Ruth Arbuckle Trophy OCF
Ashland Board of Realtors OCF
Ashland HS Class of 1958 OCF
Ashland Memorial OCF
Bailey: Bruce & Karin Bailey Donor
Bandon Submarine Cable Council Donor
Bartoo/Moshinsky OSAC
Basey: Clinton & Mary Anne Basey OCF
Beck-Rochhi WFB
Benj. Franklin - Edith Green OCF
Bennett: Eugene Bennett for the Visual Arts OCF
Bennett: Ronald and Karel Bennett OCF
Benson HS 50-year Reunion OCF
Benson: Simon Benson OCF
Best: Woodie & Mabel Best USB
Better A Life Donor
Black: Tyler R. Black Humanitarian OCF
Blacktail Deer (Oregon Foundation) Donor
Blecha: Scott Blecha Memorial OCF
Blokland: E.J. & Wythel Blokland Memorial OCF
Blum: Leona Blum & Howard Schmadeke OCF
Bodley: Royden M. Bodley OCF
Bolton: Helen Bolton Memorial OCF
Bonniwell: Robert Bonniwell Memorial OCF
Bowerman: E.H. & M.E. Bowerman OCF
Branch: Clarlisa Branch Memorial OCF
Brentano: Richard F. Brentano Memorial Donor
Brown: John Paul Brown OCF
Buerkle OCF
Burchett: Jared Burchett OSAC
Burns Lions Club- Anna & Dwight Gunther Memorial OCF
Burns Lions Club- Jeff Hull/Doug Johnson Memorial Music OCF
Burns Lions Club- Arlie Oster Memorial OCF
Burns Lions Club- Poteet OCF
Burns: Max W. Burns Memorial/White City OCF
Burrill Family OCF
Byrd: Robert C. Byrd Federal Honors Program GOVT
Callan: Candace Callan OCF
Campagna Family OCF
Campbell: Dorothy Campbell Meomorial OCF
Campbell: W.C. & Pearl Campbell USB
Carlson: James Carlson Memorial OCF
Carnes: Clark H. Carnes & Joe Ann Carnes Memorial OCF
Cascaden: Merwin A. Cascaden OCF
Case: Willard F. Memorial OCF
Chafee Grant for Former Foster Youth GOVT
Chandler: Harry S. Chandler OCF
Chandler Scholars Program OCF
Clark-Phelps OCF
Clayton: Brian Clayton Memorial OCF
Commerce-Cleveland HS OCF
Connacher: Peter Connacher Memorial OCF
Conwell: Brian Conwell Memorial OCF
Cooper: Gladys & Forrest Cooper OCF
Cooper: John Lamar Cooper USB
Corvallis HS Class of 1954 OCF
Costanzo: Angelina & Pete Costanzo Vocational OCF
Cowan: Richard & Helen Cowan OCF
Cox: Jerry & Bonnie Cox Education OSAC
Cravat/Johnson: Harland Cravat/Gray Johnson OCF
Crawford: Ida M. Crawford USB
Crawley: Jeanette M. Crawley OCF
Crook County Foundation-Dale D. Craig Memorial OCF
Crook County Foundation- Dorothy Edwards Hatch Memorial OCF
Crook County Foundation- Lookout Mountain OCF
Crook County Foundation- Lyle Family OCF
Crook County Foundation-J. Paul Rowan OCF
Crosby/Edgar: Clyde C. Crosby/Joseph M. Edgar Memorial Donor
Crow: Carl & Dorothy E. Crow USB
Crowley Family OCF
Dannenhoffer: Jack Dannenhoffer Meomorial OSAC
Darfur Humanitarian Essay Donor
David Family OCF
David Hill Elementary School OSAC
Davies: Carolyn Davies Memorial OCF
Davies: Walter Davies USB
Davison FFA OCF
DeFazio: Congressman Peter DeFazio
Dey: Ross Dey Memorial OCF
Diehl & Knutsen Memorial OCF
Diemert: Casey Diemert Memorial OCF
Diermann: Nicholas Diermann Memorial OSAC
Doane Educational Trust OCF
Doerfler Newport HS OCF
Douglas County Community OCF
DREAM for Foster Youth OSAC
Dreiszus: Howard Dreiszus Memorial OCF
Dunbar: Don & Zola Dunbar OCF
Dupuy: Marian Dupuy Memorial Donor
Early Bird OSAC
Eby: Robert J. Eby Memorial OSAC
Egan: Marie Mahoney Egan OCF
Ellison: Luther Ellison OCF
Emmons: Roger W. Emmons Memorial OCF
Entercom Portland OCF
Essex Donor
Estacada True Value Hardware Donor
Eugene Rotary Foundation Donor
Evans: Rollins & James Evans Memorial OCF
Faber: Neil Faber Memorial OCF
Fisk: John Stanley Fisk OCF
Fletcher: W.T. Fletcher Memorial OCF
Ford Opportunity Program (The Ford Family Foundation) Donor
Ford Restart Program (The Ford Family Foundation) Donor
Ford Scholars Program (The Ford Family Foundation) Donor
Ford Sons & Daughters of Employees of Roseburg Forest Products Co (The Ford Family Foundation) Donor
Forster: Robert D. Forster OCF
Foster: Keith Foster Engineering OCF
Foster: Laurence R. Foster Memorial OCF
Foster: Toni Berke Foster Memorial OCF
Franks Foundation USB
Freeman: Olga Samuelson Freeman OCF
Friends of Oregon Students Graduate Student Award Donor
Frost: Jean Frost OCF
Geiser-Pollman OCF
Gill: Isabel & Mary Ellen Gill OCF
Gillis: Earl & Edna Gillis OSAC
Giustina: Erminio & Irene Giustinia OCF
Golden Thompson: Donna Golden Thompson Donor
Grant HS Alumni OCF
Grant HS Class of 1947 OCF
Grant: Dorothy E. Grant OCF
Gray/Todd Memorial OSAC
Hall: Edward R. Hall OCF
Haller: Harold & Wilma Haller Foundation USB
Hamilton: Neil Hamilton Memorial OSAC
Hardie: Earl Hardie Memorial OCF
Harris: Georgia Harris Memorial OCF
Hasbrouck: Patricia Hasbrouck Memorial OSAC
HB Design OSAC
Heagy: Dorothy Heagy OCF
Healthy Waters Institute of The Freshwater Trust Donor
Henderson: Dale Henderson OCF
Hendrickson: Jim & Delores Hendrickson Memorial OCF
Hendrix: Barry & Marilyn Hendrix OCF
Henry: Sylvia Henry Memorial OSAC
Hill: Susan C. Hill Memorial OCF
Hoedle: Howard & Edyth M. Hoedle OCF
Holden Fund OCF
Holm: Rueben & June Holm OCF
Holman Family Molalla HS Alumni OCF
Holmes: Alan B. Holmes Memorial OCF
Hooley: Darlene Hooley for Oregon Veterans OCF
Hounsell: John P. Hounsell OCF
Howard-Bullen Family OCF
Hudson: Ronald J. Hudson OSAC
Huffstutter Family Stylist OCF
Hughes Family OCF
Insitu: Children of Insitu OCF
Insurance Professionals of Portland Legacy Donor
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 280 Donor
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 701 Donor
Iverson: Kris Iverson OSAC
Iverson: Wallace G. Iverson Local of the Medford Rogue Rotary OCF
Jackson Foundation Journalism OCF
Jackson: Glenn Jackson Scholars OCF
Jackson/White: Maria C. jackson/General George A. White USB
James: Arthur & Winifred E.M. james OCF
Jaynes: Nettie Hanselman Jaynes Memorial OCF
Jefferson Alumni (Portland, OR) OCF
Jefferson HS (Jefferson, OR) OCF
Jensen: Charlie Jensen Memorial Music OSAC
Johnson: Fred & Mabel Johnson OCF
Johnson: Jim Johnson Memorial OCF
Johnson-Lasselle: West Johnson & Elizabeth Johnson Lasselle BofA
Jones: Anna F. Jones OCF
Jones: Claude R. & Sadie B. Jones WFB
Jones: E.T.D. Jones OCF
Jones: Tom Jones Memorial OCF
Jordan: Dawn Lee Jordan Memorial OCF
Kaech OCF
Kageler: Ray Kageler OCF
Kelly: Lynnette A. Kelly OCF
Kelly-Ebell OCF
Kergel: Paul Kergel OCF
King City Lions Club/Henry J. Marchion OCF
Kirchhoff Family Fine Arts OCF
Kiwanis Club of Coos Bay OCF
Klamath Falls Lions Club Donor
Konnie Memorial (high schools) OCF
Konnie Memorial (Swanson Brothers Lumber Co.) OCF
La Grande HS Class of 1962 OSAC
Lafferty: Alexis lafferty memorial OSAC
Lake: Willett & Marguerite Lake OCF
Lane County Sherriff's Office Dependents OSAC
Langmas Family OCF
Lee: Robert B. & Gladys E. Lee Memorial OCF
Lilja Family OCF
Lincoln High School OCF
Lindeman: Marion A. Lindeman OCF
Lippincott: George W. Lippencott OCF
Lloyd: Beverly Lloyd OCF
Ludwig: Harry Ludwig Memorial OCF
Lund: Larry & Barbara Lund OCF
Luther: Chester & Helen Luther OCF
MacMillan: Kevin macMillan OCF
Madison: Madison Charitable Fund OCF
Magness: Bill Magness Bandon OCF
Magness: Bill Magness Pacific OCF
Malcom: Laurie Malcom Memorial OCF
Marion Soil & Water Conservation District Stan Vistica Memorial Donor
Martignone: Mildred I. Martignone Nurse OCF
McCarter: Molly McCarter Memorial OSAC
McDaniel: Leodis McDaniel OCF
McDaniel: Leora Frances Brunk McDaniel memorial OCF
McDowell: Maxine & Inza McDowell OCF
McElligott: Maryan L. McElligott Memorial OCF
McHolick: William J. McHolick M.D. OCF
McKelvey: Lillian McKelvey Memorial OSAC
McKinney: National League for Nursing- Ella McKinney OCF
McLean: Clifford "Chief" & Mrgaret McLean Memorial OCF
McLeod: Family for Dallas High School OCF
McLeod Family for North Salem High School OCF
Mearns: William D. Mearns Memorial OCF
Medford Rogue Roatry- Patti Bills OCF
Medford Rogue Rotary OCF
Medford Rogue Rotary- Kevin Burrill Memorial OCF
Medford Rogue Rotary- Sid DeBoer/Lithia Motors OCF
Medford Rogue Rotary- Wallace G. Iverson OCF
Medford Rogue Rotary- G. Ellis Mathews OCF
Medford Rogue Rotary- Joe Murphy OCF
Medford Rogue Rotary- Mark K. Winans Memorial OCF
Medford Rogue Rotary- Ron Worland OCF
Meehan: Brian T. Meehan Memorial OCF
Mellema: Alice Mellema for Sheridan HS Seniors OCF
Merchant Marine: American Merchant Marine Veterans- Stuart Slattery Memorial OSAC
Merriam: Margaret E. Merriam OCF
Mesirow Family OCF
Meyer: Ernest Alan & Barbara Park Meyer OCF
Miller: Peggy Dickinson Miller Memorial OCF
Miller: L. Verl & Dorothy Miller Vocational OCF
Monroe Tree Farm Donor
Moore: Jim & Donna Moore OCF
Mooser: Michael Mooser OCF
Morgan: G. Russell Morgan USB
Morgan: Joseph & Helen Morgan Memorial OCF
Morris: Audrey Shelly Morris OCF
Morrison: Frances Morrison OCF
Morse: Wayne Morse Legacy OSAC
Mowery: Jeanette E. Mowery OCF
Mullmann: Mathew Mullmann Memorial OCF
Multnomah County Deputy Sheriff's Association Dependents Donor
Murphy: Cornelia Valentine Murphy Memorial OSAC
Neal: Karen Kazen Neal Donor
NECA Oregon-Columbia Chapter Donor
Nesseth: Glenn & Flaurence Nesseth OCF
Newell: Robert & Melinda Newell Opportunity OCF
North Eugene HS Alumni Donor
Northwest Automatic Vending Association OCF
Norton: Tom Norton Sr. memorial OCF
O'Gara: James o"Gara OCF
Olex School OCF
Olson: Kimberly Olson Memorial OSAC
Olsrud 4-H & FFA OCF
Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission Donor
Oregon Horticulture Society Donor
Oregon Library Association Donor
Oregon Moving & Storage Association: Jack L. Stewart Donor
Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Division Workers Donor
Oregon Salmon Commission- Scott Boley Memorial Donor
Oregon Scholarship Fund (OSF) of The Oregon Community Foundation OCF
Oregon State Fiscal Association OSAC
Office of Student Access and Completion Employees & Dependents OSAC
Oregon Trawl Commission Donor
Oregon Trucking Association Safety Management Council Donor
Oregon Wile Brotherhood OCF
Otte: Russ & Rose Otte Choir OCF
Pacific HS Alumni OCF
Pacific NW Federal Credit Union Donor
PacificSource Health Plans Donor
P.E.O. Jean Fish Gibbons OCF
Performing Atrs of the Medford Rogue Rotary OCF
Pericin: Michael Pericin Memorial OSAC
Perron: Vivian Koerner Perron Memorial Donor
Peterson: Peggy Peterson OCF
Pheonix Fund OCF
Piacentini: Carl Piacentini Memorial OCF
Pilger: Lynda Pilger OSAC
Professional Land Surveyors - Pete Maring (dependents) OCF
Professional Land Surveyors (majors) OCF
Pongracz: Mike & Betty Pongracz OCF
Portland Police Association OCF
Portland Public School Board OCF
Puderbaugh: Jean & Milo Puderbaugh Memorial OCF
Pullin: Don & Rosemary Pullin Family OCF
Ratcliff: Leland C. & Erna N. Ratcliff OCF
Ray's Charitable Foundation
Reed's Fuel & trucking Company Donor
Reese Family OCF
Register-Guard Federal Credit Union Donor
Richards: Marsha K. Richards Memorial OCF
Richter: Uno & Vera Richter Memorial OCF
Risley: jean Risley WFB
Rivers: Gregory R. Rivers Memorial/COSOA OSAC
Roberts: Charles E. Roberts Jr. OCF
Robertson: George A. Robertson OCF
Rose: Myra Rose OCF
Roseburg HS Class of 1949 OCF
Roseburg HS Class of 1955 OCF
Roseburg HS Class of 1957 OSAC
Rosenfield: A. Victor Rosenfeld OCF
Rountree: Edd E. Rountree OCF
Roy: William D. & Ruth D. Roy OCF
Rubin: Gayle & harvey Rubin OCF
Rudy: Carol Rudy Social Science and Leadership OCF
Rutherford: Friends of Bill Rutherford Education OCF
Sabin: Owen & Edna Sabin OCF
Salem Electric Cooperative Donor
Salem Foundation Ansel & Marie Solie Donor
Sall: Steve Sall OCF
Sauber & Mills OCF
Sawatzky: Harold Sawatzky OCF
Schmidt: Walter C. & Marie C. Schmidt USB
Scholl: Lawrence Scholl Family OCF
Schulz: Irmgard Schulz OSAC
Scoggins: Jeffrey Alan Scoggins Memorial OCF
Seely: Helen hall & John Seely Memorial OCF
SEIU Local 503/OPEU Student Financial Aid Donor
Selling: Ben Selling WFB
Sheperd: Donna Shepard Nursing OCF
Sheperd: Doyle & Donna Sheperd OCF
Sheridan: Phil Sheridan Days OSAC
Sherwood Volunteer Firefighters' Association Donor
Simmons: Harriet A. Simmons OCF
Singer: Bertha P. Singer Nurses USB
Society of American Miltary Engineers Portland Post
Southern Oregon Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Donor
Southworth: Mabel Southworth OCF
SP Newsprint Co., Newberg Mill (employee dependents) OSAC
SP Newsprint Co., Newberg Mill (high schools) OSAC
Sprague Family OCF
Steinbach: Jerome B. Steinbach USB
Steinfeld: Ray Steinfeld Memorial OSAC
Stenzel: Franz Stenzel M.D. & Kathryn Stenzel OCF
Stenzel II: Franz Stenzel M.D. & Kathryn StenzelII OCF
Stephens: Farrod Stephens Donor
Stevens: Mertie & Harley Stevens USB
Stimson Lumber Company Donor
Straus: Judy Straus Art OCF
Straw: Judy Straw Memorial OCF
Struble: Jaunita Brown Stuble OCF
Struble: Glenn R. & Juanita B Struble II OCF
Stuchell: J.W. Stuchell OCF
Student Child Care Grant GOVT
Taylor Made labels Company OSAC
Teach for Oregon (Friends of Oregon Students) Donor
Teamsters Council #37 Federal Credit Union Donor
Teamsters Local 305 Donor
Technical Training Fund OCF
Teeters: Glenna Teeters OCF
Thurston HS: Ben Walker/Mikael Nickolauson Memorial OSAC
Tonkin: Alan Baron Tonkin Memorial OCF
Torgler: Thomas N. Torgler OCF
Truax: Merritt & Aileen Truax OCF
Turner Sweeney: Jeff Turner Mike Sweeney OCF
Tustin: Paul & Alice Tustin OCF
Tykeson Family Charitable Trust OCF
Umatilla County Cattleman's Association OCF
Umatilla Electric Cooperative OCF
Umatilla Electric Cooperative Electrical Engineering OCF
Umpqua Community College Social Science OSAC
Union County Cattlewomen's Memorial OCF
Union County Cattlewomen: Carmen Robinson Subfund of Union County Cattlewomen's Memorial OCF
University Club of Portland Donor
Urbanowski: Richard Urbanowski Memorial Donor
Valsetz OCF
Van Peursem Memorial OCF
VanAlst: Gordon VanAlst math Achievement OCF
Von Der Ahe: Flora M. Von Der Ahe USB
Voth: Ryan Voth OCF
Ward: Edward Ward OCF
Washer: Elda Washer WFB
Watson Nursing OCF
Weathers Educational Trust OCF
Weston: Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation OCF
Why Not? OCF
Wilberger: Brooke Wilberger OCF
Willamette Valley Agriculture Association Donor
Willamette Valley for Science & Health Training & Education, founded by June & Rueben Holm OCF
Wipper: Doris J. Wipper OCF
Women Helping Women OCF
Woodard Family (high schools) OCF
Woodard Family (Kimwood Corporation) OCF
Woodbury: Ralph Prescott Woodbury OCF
Woodroofe: Helen & Robin Woodroofe OCF
Wyatt #1: Harold Alfred Wyatt #1 OCF
Wyatt #2: Harold Alfred Wyatt #2 OCF
Wyatt #3: Harold Alfred Wyatt #3 OCF
Yoder: Mary Weir Yoder Memorial OSAC