File the FAFSA or ORSAA

OSAC offers several grants for students - money for college that you do NOT have to pay back. These funds come from the federal and/or state government. Most eligibility for grants is based on your own and/or your family's financial need; some grants consider other factors.

Oregon Opportunity Grant (OOG)

The Oregon Opportunity Grant (OOG) is Oregon's largest state-funded need-based grant program for students attending college. More than 39,000 students received OOG awards totaling $68.1 million in the 2017-18 academic year. Priority is given to students with the greatest financial need. View program statistics.

How to Apply: Submit the FAFSA or ORSAA as soon as possible after October 1.

Oregon Promise Grant

Oregon Promise is a state grant that helps to cover tuition costs at any Oregon community college for recent high school graduates and GED® test graduates. Students must meet all eligibility criteria and complete an application process. There are different application deadlines depending on when you graduate.

How to Apply: Complete the FAFSA or ORSAA and submit an Oregon Promise application in the OSAC Student Portal by your deadline.

Additional Grants

OSAC also offers targeted grants for:

How to Apply: Complete the FAFSA or the ORSAA and submit a separate application specific to the grant in the OSAC Student Portal.