If I'm Awarded an OSAC Scholarship

  1. Accept or decline your award by logging in to your OSAC account.
  2. Write a thank you letter to the scholarship donor on your profile page. Or, you can send it to OSAC.
  3. Keep your college and major updated (Section 9 of the application)
  4. Keep your contact information updated (Section 1 and 3 of the application)
  5. Maintain eligibility for your award by meeting the following requirements:
    • Make satisfactory academic progress according to your school's policies for students receiving federal Title IV aid.
    • Attend for an entire academic year. If you attend less, your award may be prorated.
    • Full scholarship funds may be available if you are on track to graduate before spring term, contact OSAC. 
    • Read and follow the scholarship specific requirements listed in your profile award link or letter.