If I'm Awarded an OSAC Scholarship

  1. Accept or decline your award by logging in to your OSAC account.
  2. Write a thank you letter to the donor of your scholarship at the address on your award letter. Or, you can send it to OSAC.
  3. Keep your college and major updated (Section 9 of the application)
  4. Keep your contact information updated (Section 1 and 3 of the application)
  5. Maintain eligibility for your award by meeting the following requirements:
    • Enroll full time as defined by your college (usually 12 credits) unless your award specified otherwise.
    • Make satisfactory academic progress according to your school's policies for students receiving federal Title IV aid.
    • Use your award at a U.S. institution eligible to participate in Title IV federal student aid programs (U.S. military academies are not eligible).
    • Use your award only for education-related expenses as determined by your college (tuition/fees, room/board, books/supplies, transportation, child care when specified).
    • Attend for an entire academic year. If you attend less, your award may be prorated.