How can I obtain a copy of my transcript?

To compete for OSAC-administered scholarships, all applicants must submit their high school, GED, or college transcripts. Be sure to submit the correct transcript and review the transcript instructions.

Below are suggestions on how to obtain a copy of your transcript.

If you don't have the required high school transcript:

  1. Contact your high school. If you graduated many years ago and they cannot provide a copy to you, ask them where you can obtain one.
  2. If unsuccessful try the School District Administration Office if the high school was a public high school.
  3. Contact the Department of Education in the state where you attended high school.
  4. Try the Educational Service District (ESD) for the county where you attended high school. This may be called something else outside of Oregon.
  5. If you have been unsuccessful with the steps above please contact OSAC directly.

If you don't have the required GED transcript:

  • The State of Oregon no longer holds GED information in their offices. To obtain any GED information, visit the GED Program Website and choose "Request Records" from the top banner. Follow the record request that best matches your need.
  • Contact the Department of Education in the state where you received your GED if not in Oregon.

If you don't have the required college transcript:

  • Contact the college or school you attended. If your records are on hold because you owe them money or some other reason, you will need to make arrangements with them to release your records. OSAC cannot do this on your behalf.
  • If you attended an Oregon college that has closed, try to get the transcript from the Oregon Department of Education. The State of Oregon only maintains transcripts for colleges up to 25 years after the closure.
  • If the closed college was outside of Oregon then contact the state agency overseeing the institution in the state the college was located.