Options for Uploading Transcripts

Ask your high school to upload your transcript.

If you are a current high school senior or graduate of the prior academic year, your High School Registrar or Transcript Processor may be able to upload high school transcripts through OSAC's High School Portal.

Use the 'Request High School Upload' option in application and complete the "High School Transcript Upload Request Form" that contains instructions to the Registrar on how to access OSAC's secure web portal. You are responsible for delivering the form to your high school. After the high school has processed the transcript request, you will be able to view the uploaded transcript.

Upload your transcript in the application.

  1. Black out your Social Security Number (SSN)
  2. Scan the transcript. If you don't already have a file, scan the transcript and save as a PDF file or an image file (.jpg, .tif, or .gif).
  3. Upload the File(s). Select the 'Upload' option in Scholarship Application. When prompted, upload the transcript:
    • Have multiple files? If you have multiple files for the same document (e.g., a file for each page), then select the PDF builder tool.

Scanned file won't upload? If you have a scanned file, but it won't upload, try these suggestions:

  • Make sure your file is a PDF file or image file (.jpg, .tif, or .gif). Examples file formats that OSAC does NOT accept are Microsoft Word files, zip files, or executables.
  • Make sure your file is no larger than 4 megabytes. Make the file smaller by:
    • Scanning the document in grayscale (black and white, not color)
    • Reducing the resolution of the scan: don't select "best resolution" (75 dpi is good enough)
  • If you are using a wireless connection, try using a wired connection. Some wireless connections may drop the connection if the upload takes too long.
  • Try another browser. If using Internet Explorer, try Firefox; if using Firefox, try Safari.
  • If you received your transcript through email, the file may have a security feature that will block OSAC from viewing your file. Print the transcript and then scan the pages into a new clean pdf document.
  • If everything you tried failed, use the 'Send or deliver'.

Send or deliver your transcript to OSAC.

  1. Select the 'Send or deliver' option in Scholarship Application to indicate that you cannot upload.
  2. The Application will produce a cover sheet with your name, Application number, and the document description. Print and staple this cover sheet to the paper transcript.
  3. For security purposes, before sending transcripts, mark out your Social Security Number (SSN).
  4. Mail the document to OSAC's office. Transcripts sent to OSAC via e-mail will NOT be accepted.

Your transcript must be received at OSAC by the Early Bird or Final deadline.