A missing or incomplete transcript is the ONLY reason for a rejected OSAC scholarship application. Read these instructions to ensure that you are submitting what OSAC needs in order to process your application.

Graduating high school student as of the application year

Submit your high school transcripts showing coursework and grades through the first semester, second quarter, or first trimester (depending on your school's calendar) of your senior year. These transcripts are usually available in January or February.

Home-schooled student from Oregon, not yet enrolled in college

Submit all three required documents:

  1. A copy of the Confirmation of Enrollment letter on file at your local Educational Service District (ESD) (also called "Letter of Intent to home-school"). A DMV receipt or record will NOT suffice.
  2. A copy of the results of a tenth-grade standardized achievement test, required for all home-school students who have registered with their ESD.
  3. A transcript including coursework and letter grades from your home-school teacher.

Home-schooled student from outside Oregon

GED Student

  1. If you received a General Education Development (GED) certificate and have never attended college, submit your Transcript of GED record.
  2. If you have not completed your GED requirements by the time you submit your application, submit your most recent score report and a letter explaining when you plan to complete your requirements.

High school graduate with no college coursework

Submit your high school transcripts showing complete high school career coursework and grades.

Adult student with no college coursework (never graduated high school, no GED, not home-schooled

Submit your high school transcripts showing high school coursework and grades.

College student, freshman (completed one semester or term of college coursework at the time of application)

Submit transcripts of all college coursework and grades through fall quarter/semester of the current academic year. A high school transcript is optional, but recommended as part of the selection process.

College student, continuing or returning (will not have completed a bachelor's degree) OR Graduate-level college student

  1. Submit transcripts of all college coursework taken in the prior 10 years. List all of these colleges in college history, section 8 of the application.
  2. If you attended more than one college, submit a transcript for each college, including work on prior degrees.
  3. If all your college coursework is completed more than 10 years ago, you must submit either those college transcripts or a complete high school transcripts.
  4. Do not submit a transcript with transfer credits in place of a complete transcript. Transfer credits are not accepted.
  5. All prior used names should be listed, so transcripts can be verified.