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Featured Scholarship:

Donald R. And Norene C. Alger Scholarship (Fund 671)

Scholarship Purpose: To provide support to students pursuing graduate level education at a public or private college or university in the United States who have completed all their high school education in Lake County, Oregon, and obtained a baccalaureate degree (or the equivalent).


OSAC Scholarship Updates

Valid scholarship applications will be read by selection committees and awarding will begin soon.

Keep your information updated:

  • Institution of choice (important for funds disbursement).
  • Personal contact, address information
  • Major changes

Track your award status, recipients are notified by email, if you entered a high school email, update the email address.

Each scholarship status will update with the posting of awards, the status will change to:

  • Program has been awarded to other applicants


  • You have been awarded.

If awarded, complete the acceptance process or decline the scholarship. 

Awards may be rescinded if not accepted by the deadline.

Write a thank you letter to the donor, link is located on your profile page.

Scholarship awards will begin in April and continue through September

Recipeints with questions email:


Important Deadlines

February 15, 5pm PST: Early Bird Deadline. Error-free applications will be entered into a drawing for one of several $1,000 Early Bird scholarships.

March 1, 5pm PST: Final Deadline. The final deadline for all application materials to be submitted.

*If a deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, that deadline will automatically be extended to 5:00 p.m. (PST) on the following business day.

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