ASPIRE Fall Conference Sessions

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2017 Fall Conference

Apprenticeship 101

Materials: Presentation(PDF)

Creating a College Going Culture

Materials: Presentation(PowerPoint)

Engaging Parents and Families

Materials: Handout(PDF) | Presentation(PDF)| Parent Engagement Toolkit (external link)

Exploring College Fit with Students

Materials: College Fit Toolkit (EXTERNAL) | Presentation(PowerPoint)

Financial Aid 101, 201, 301

OSAC: Oregon Promise

Materials: Presentation(PDF) 

OSAC: Scholarship Application

Materials: Presentation(PDF)

Partnering for Student Success by Utilizing SALT

Materials: Presentation(PDF) 

Planning Four Years College Funding

Materials: Presentation(PowerPoint)

PSAT, SAT, BigFuture

Materials: Presentation(PDF)

Supporting Undocumented Students

Materials: Presentation(PDF) | Educators Toolkit(PDF) | Handout(PDF) | Handout(PDF) | Handout(PDF) 

2016 Fall Conference

ASPIRING to be Ford Scholars

Materials: Presentation(PDF)

Bridging the Gap for Students with Disabilities

Materials: Flyer(PDF) | Presentation(PowerPoint)

C3 Career, College, Collaborative

Materials: Presentation(PowerPoint)

Choosing Colleges that Fit and are Affordable

Coordinator Collaborations

Materials: Presentation(PowerPoint)

CTE Programs

Dream Savers

Materials: Flyer(PDF) | Flyer(Microsoft Word)


Financial Aid 101-301


Materials: Presentation(PowerPoint)

SALT Financial Literacy in Action

Materials: Presentation(PowerPoint)

Summer Bridge

Volunteer Recruitment 101

2015 Fall Conference

Apprenticeship: The "Other" Work-Based Learning

Presenter: Gabby Nunley, Apprenticeship and Work Based Learning Coordinator, Oregon Department of Education(PDF)

Description: Attend this session to learn more about the apprenticeship system in Oregon! You will walk away with information on how to connect young people to pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs, awareness of the difference between union and non-union programs, and ways to promote apprenticeships in the trades to your parent and student audiences.

Materials: Presentation(PDF) | Apprenticeship Flyer(PDF) | Oregon Apprenticeship Degrees, Certificates, and Occupations(PDF) | Community College CTE Programs Directory | Oregon Apprenticeships | Washington Apprenticeships

ASPIRING to be Ford Scholars

Presenters: Tricia Tate, Scholarship Programs Manager, The Ford Family Foundation & Jeff Strickland, Student Success Counselor, The Ford Family Foundation(PDF)

Description: Learn more about The Ford Family Foundation's prestigious scholarships, with focus on the competitive Ford Scholars Program for graduating high school students. Through OSAC, thousands of students apply to be a Ford Scholar each year, and approximately 100 Oregonians receive the scholarship which supports 90% of a student's unmet need. Learn what makes an application competitive and compelling. We will discuss how applications are reviewed, what trained volunteers look for when reviewing the application materials, and what students selected for an interview can expect in the interview process.

Materials: Presentation(PDF)

Career Pathways & CTE

Presenter: Ron Dodge, Education Program Specialist, Program of Study Lead, Oregon Department of Education(PDF)

Description: Carl Perkins legislation demanded changes in how Oregon delivered career and technical education. Oregon adopted a five element process for CTE program approval that includes secondary and community college, as well as industry partners. This session outlines the five elements of CTE POS approval, and how that CTE approval process merges with Oregon's efforts in the national community college Career Pathways project.

Materials: Presentation(PDF) | CTE Student Support Services(PDF) | Career Pathways Glossary(PDF) | Career Ready Practices(Microsoft Word) | All Aspects of Industry(PowerPoint) | WIOA Career Pathways Toolkit | Roadmaps and POST templates | Programs of Study Resources

Financial Aid 101-301

Presenters: Leslie Limper, Director of Financial Aid, Pacific University & Jennifer Knight, Associate Director of Financial Aid, Linfield College(PDF)


101: The Basics - This session is designed for counselors and mentors who need basic information about financial aid. Participants will gain an understanding of the financial aid application process, how to assist students and their families in submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and the financial aid programs that are available through the federal government, the State of Oregon, and Oregon colleges and universities. Participants will be provided with resources that will allow them to further increase their knowledge and understanding of basic financial aid principles and practices.

201: Updates and Difficult Situations - This session is designed to provide experienced counselors with current updates and changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), federal student aid programs, and the financial aid application process. Participants will learn how a student's financial aid dependency status is determined, which parent should complete the FAFSA, and how to assist students who are selected by the Department of Education to verify their FAFSA information. Counseling undocumented students will also be discussed, as well as how the Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) affects college financing options.

301: The Hard Stuff - This session is for curious counselors and mentors who want an in-depth understanding of the varying philosophies and principles of financial aid. Participants will gain a clearer understanding of the College Board's PROFILE application, different packaging strategies, and current trends in college financing. Current issues such as loan indebtedness, the value of higher education, and financial aid leveraging will be discussed and participants will be given the chance to ask their hardest questions.

Materials: Financial Aid 101 Presentation(PDF) | Financial Aid 201 Presentation(PDF) | Financial Aid 301 Presentation(PDF)

Foster Youth Resources and Services

Presenters: Rosemary Iavenditti, Independent Living Program Coordinator, Department of Human Services(PDF)

Description: Learn about the services available to foster youth through DHS and the Independent Living Program (ILP). The foster youth you work with may be eligible for housing subsidies, funds for miscellaneous expenses (application fees, college tours, computers for school, start-up kits for the dorms, etc.), medical coverage to age 26, and other supports from your local ILP Provider. The question and answer session, along with handouts, will allow you to walk away from this workshop with in-depth knowledge of the ILP services and how to help foster youth access supports.

Materials: ILP County Provider List(PDF) | Financial Aid for Foster Youth(PDF) | ILP Housing Program Differences(PDF) | ILP List of Services and Eligibility Requirements(PDF) | Transition Tool Kit(PDF)

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)

Presenter: Chriset Palenshus, IDA/GEAR UP Account Specialist, NeighborWorks Umpqua(PDF)

Description: Saving for education is one of the best investments for the future. With a grant from The Ford Family Foundation, we are able to provide Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) or matched savings accounts to qualifying students. Find out more about this amazing opportunity and discuss ways to connect with students and families who could benefit.

Materials: IDA Flyer(PDF) | NeighborWorks Umpqua | Find an IDA Program Near You

Integrating SALT into Your Programming

Presenter: Jacquie Carroll, Ed.D., AFC, Engagement & Education Consultant, American Student Assistance/SALT(PDF)

Description: This session provides an overview of SALT and then walks through ways for you to integrate SALT in to your work with students and families. We will share examples from the SALT website along with the SALT + My Money 101 Instructors Guide to give you practical tips you can use tomorrow!

Materials: Presentation(PDF)

Oregon 529 College Savings Network

Presenter: John Valley, Outreach Director, Oregon 529 College Savings Network(PDF)

Description: The Oregon College Savings Plan is designed to help parents and families better understand the long-term benefits of higher education and how to reach their college planning goals. The Be College Ready program was specifically designed so that school districts, individual elementary schools and parent/teacher groups can take full advantage of the program's resources with very little time and effort. Come learn about the latest developments surrounding the Oregon College Savings Plan, the new pilot elementary school program Be College Ready and the recently passed law the ABLE Act which will create a new savings account for people with disabilities. All of these programs are being implemented by the Oregon Treasury Department. This session provides information about each of these programs and Q & A time for the audience.

Materials: Presentation(PDF)

OSAC Finding Funds

Presenter: Cheryl Connolly, Scholarship Processing Coordinator, OSAC(PDF)

Description: This session is designed to equip those working directly with students in the completion and submittal of the OSAC Scholarship application. Learn how to help students submit a complete application to compete for OSAC scholarships and general tips for "telling your story" using the personal statements and activity chart. Also, hear first-hand from our in-house expert about all phases of the application process, including updates, key dates, milestones, and best practices to ensure successful application submittal.

Materials: Presentation(PowerPoint)

OSAC Scholarship Application Line-by-line Instructions

Presenter: Cheryl Connolly, Scholarship Processing Coordinator, OSAC(PDF)

Description: This session will provide line-by-line instruction for completion and successful submittal of the OSAC Scholarship application. This session could make the difference between application acceptance or rejection status. Don't miss this opportunity to ask the expert!

Materials: Presentation(PDF)


Presenter: Rachel Mead, Executive Director, The Princeton Review Northwest(PDF)

Description: Are you confused with testing timelines and options for current juniors? Just imagine how the students feel! With the recent changes and those coming to standardized tests, the class of 2017 has unique opportunities to explore for college admissions. This session will provide counselors with some clear tools to help guide students and parents.

Materials: Presentation(PDF)

Resources & Training for ASPIRE Volunteer Mentors

Presenters: Lisa Brookshier, ASPIRE Access Specialist, OSAC(PDF)Chloe Shaughnessy, ASPIRE Media Specialist, OSAC(PDF)Kyra Mathews, ASPIRE and Outreach Development Specialist, OSAC(PDF)

Description: Learn about all of the resources that ASPIRE has to help you work with your students. You will learn how to navigate and take advantage of the materials and tools that ASPIRE has to offer. We will provide an overview of our social media, websites, blog, monthly digest, and more!

Materials: Presentation(PDF)

Self-Knowledge: The First Step in Career Planning

Presenter: George A. Letchworth, Ph.D., ASPIRE Mentor, McKenzie High School(PDF)

Description: Each October Oregon sophomores and juniors take the PSAT. When students receive their PSAT results it includes an "Online Access Code" that they can use on the CollegeBoard website for free access to My Personality. The Personality Profiler provides students feedback on their Strengths, Learning Styles, Social Interactions and Motivation and links their personality types to careers and college majors. In this workshop participants will go through a demonstration of My Personality and how to relate it to career decision making. A handout will be provided with step-by-step instructions on how to guide students through the My Personality exploration.

Materials: Presentation(PDF)