Mentor Management

ASPIRE Mentors are the heart and soul of Oregon’s statewide ASPIRE program.

Community and staff mentors in your ASPIRE program work with middle school, high school, and/or adult learners to guide and assist them as they determine their future plans. Mentors will connect with students one-on-one, in small groups, during career and college educational events, and activities. A mentor’s work is rewarding as they assist and help students focus on career exploration, career and college research, admissions applications, scholarships, and financial aid.

“The time people give to volunteer to help mentor kids, who may not have the support at home they need to get through the process is invaluable!” – An ASPIRE Mentor

Mentor Recruitment Resources

Recruiting mentors to serve with your ASPIRE programs takes careful thought and planning. The resources in this section will help you determine how mentors can be utilized in your ASPIRE program and offer some suggestions for where to find mentors. Resources and tips to help you develop a recruitment plan are also provided in this section.

Recruitment Tips
Mentor Recruitment Plan

Starting New Mentors

With new mentors successfully interested in serving with your program it is time to start helping mentors complete their application, background check, interview and other onboarding documentation. Also, it is critical to provide training to your new mentors before they start working with students. The resources in this section will help you through this process.

Mentor Roles in ASPIRE

Matching Mentors with Students

Mentoring is a relationship based experience, and it is important that both the mentor and student feel comfortable and excited with the match. The resources in this section will help you identify the skills, abilities, and needs of both your mentors and students.

Matching Students and Mentors

Mentor Recognition and Retention

They say a happy and successful mentor is the best way to recruit additional people to serve with your program. This section includes a variety of resources to help you thank your mentors and keep them coming back year after year.