Student Management

Students are the heartbeat for Oregon's statewide ASPIRE program.

Middle school and high school students as well as  adult learners work with community mentors and school/ site staff to develop their plans for the future. Students and learners have the opportunity to work with mentors, participate in career and college readiness activities, and gain advice on developing their future plans.

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ASPIRE is very helpful. Before joining aspire I was not at all prepared for after high school plans but now. I’m all set.

     ASPIRE Student Class of 2022

Student Enrollment

It may seem obvious but enrolling students in the ASPIRE program is an important part of running an ASPIRE program. This section of the toolkit provides information on:

  • Who counts as an ASPIRE student
  • Permission slips
  • Student applications
  • and more


Permission Forms

Student Recruitment

Recruiting students to participate in your ASPIRE programs takes careful thought and planning. The resources in this section will help you develop a plan for recruiting students including: 

  • Tips and strategies for student recruitment
  • Permission slips
  • Staff Referral forms
  • and more
Student Recruitment Resources

Student-Mentor Matching

Mentoring is a relationship based experience, and it is important that both the mentor and student feel comfortable and excited with the match. The resources in this section will help you identify the skills, abilities, and needs of both your mentors and students. Resources include: 

  • Student mentoring form
  • Mentor meeting reminder slips
  • Student drop-in form
Student Matching & Tracking

Student Retention

Students are juggling a lot of competing demands and occasionally ASPIRE is not their first priority. This section of the toolkit includes resources to help ensure that students are successfully participating in the ASPIRE program and getting their needs met. Resources in this section include: 

  • Student trackers
  • and more
Student Retention